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Great place for kids hair cut. They do a wonderful job at affordable price.

Morgana Q

I got my hair bleached there and Ophelia did a wonderful job!

Adi Jolish

Great place for 1st haircut! The babys first haircut certificate is awesome!

Barbara Nealon

 Kids Cuts is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on YELP, based on 76 reviews!

I'm definitely a fan. We brought our 15 month old for his first real hair cut around 11am on a Saturday. The place was packed, but we they still had room to take us immediately. The chairs are like cars and they have toys to distract the kids. The woman who cut his hair did a great job considering my son moved his head every which way the whole time. She was done in less than 10 minutes. The price was right at $15 and they even put the hair they had cut in an envelope for us to have as a keepsake of his first hair cut.

Found out about Kid's Cuts through Yelpers. I found the women to be really friendly and kind with the children. I thought my 2-yr-old daughter was going to be scared (like when she is at the doctor's) but she sat in the car seat and had fun. They even put in a video but she was more interested in looking at herself in the mirror! Her cut is cute and short and looks great. So all in all a pretty good first time professional hair cut experience.

we've been going to kids cuts since our daughter's first haircut...LOVE them. very patient, cool car chairs, a toy area for little ones to play, affordable, precise cuts. we've since moved from the bay area but still return to kids cuts whenever we're in town on biz for the kids' haircuts bc they're so used to the shop & love the ladies...definitely recommend.

Once again, they did it very well for my son and this time for my daughter as well. Very reasonable price and it is good to go there earlier in the day. DVDs and toys were all making the haircut experience fun for both of the kids.

It turns out Elena at Kids Cuts is the ONLY person who can cut my daughter's hair. She's patient, sweet, seems to actually like children (unlike the folks at Snippety) and gives my 2 year-old daughter's fine, straight, show-every-flaw hair a perfect bob. Perfect bangs, tidy ends that seem to tuck themselves under just so, quite magically.

I debated about whether to give this place another try, but their location is so convenient for us, & other reviews were so positive, that I decided to give it another go. I'm so glad that I did b/c we had a much better experience this time! My daughter's hair is now longer & she is more cooperative, so that increased our chances of success from the start. But the woman who cut my daughter's hair this time was also much better than whoever we had last time -- the woman today was relaxed, listened to what I wanted before cutting (this is the main element that was missing last time) & then executed quickly & perfectly.

If you have a kid under age 5 or so, this is the one and only place to go for hair cuts. This place is awesome! They have EVERYTHING to make the hair cut experience fun and enjoyable for your little one. My son kicked and screamed at Supercuts (which led to a very bad cut), but was happy as a clam at Kids Cuts. He loved his bright red racing car seat and settled down as soon as they turned on the Muppets DVD at his station. When it was time to go, he didn't want to leave! And to top it off--the kid's hair looks fantastic. No bowl cuts here! We are definitely coming back.

This place is just what it says it is -- Kids Cuts. Yes they had a place for a more grown up salon in the back but the core business is staked out by the 6 chairs upfront in racing car themes. 
Don't know what the other reviews are saying about dingy - i thought it was quite well kept shop, orderly and clean. It is not upper crust heights but you are paying $15. 
Attitude with the kids was great. My daughter who has been quite picky with hair vendors before loved it. 
The finishing touch (for a girl) was braids and sparkles for the same price. It was a great deal and no wait (mid PM on a Saturday in our case).

Have taken my toddler son there for his first and subsequent haircuts. They do a great job, and the name - like it implies - says it all. They have tons of toys/games, even videos for the little ones to watch while getting their hair cut. My son was afraid of the clippers, but the stylist was kind and gentle - the cut lasted for 3 months - and the price was right!

Excellent for the little ones! Barber chairs that are race cars, toys and cartoons. My son's first hair cut went off without a hitch. The place was filled with kids on a Friday night, so I guess it's popular. We'll be going back.

Quick and easy - and our 10 month old looks like a boy again!

I found this place using the Yelp app on my iPhone minutes before I decide to go there. I read the reviews, saw some bad ones but decided to go. My 4y.o. son always acts like a tornado when I take him for haircut, so the professional has to be not just a good hair stylist but an entertainer. And they were! The hairdo was great, they have videogame and DVD players stations what make the kids totally cooperative. I paid 15 bucks for the service with no previous appointment (walk-in on Wednesday 4pm), fast and good. I gave 5 bucks tip to the lady. I'll come back for sure!

I have had my daughters hair cut here and my own as well and always been happy with the results and the cost. I usually do walk in. If they are busy I come back another time.

My 3 year old has been going here since he was 1. These gals give the best cuts pretty quick! In and out in 10 mins at $16.

we've had very good experiences here. they keep the kids calm, are very quick and do a good job. it's not a high end salon, but solves the problem of where to take the toddlers for a cut.

My 18 month old son hates going to the doctor or trying on new shoes at Stride Rite. I was certain he'd freak out here. He was great. 
Edith saw he wasn't interested in sitting in the car. So she had me hold him on my lap, turned on an Elmo DVD and voila. He let her cut his hair. I love it! We've gotten nothing but compliments. We'll be going back!

My son is 3.5 and I've always cut his hair at home, but with a big family event coming up it was time for a real haircut. We swung by on a Friday afternoon - he missed his nap and I was worried he'd be cranky. We lucked into parking - it can be a tough neighborhood for that, but we found free easy parking right away - and we were the only ones in the place - just walked right in and sat down! It was very neat and he loved sitting in a car. They turned on the TV and he turned into zombie child. It was perfect. The person cutting his hair understood my requests and knew how to deal with kids - she was fast and careful. The place was very clean and they did not try to upsell me anything. It was a perfect first professional haircut experience. I'll try to upload photos. I don't think my son needs such a special haircut all the time, but it was just what I wanted. I was really happy with it.

we've been going to Kids Cuts since my daughter was about 18 months (she's 3+ now). They are very nice & accommodating, and they have the right tricks up their sleeves to distract the little ones. Try to go off-peak hours... it can get crowded and no one wants to wait with a little one!

They have a toy area that my daughter loves... nothing fancy (kind of feels like a toy graveyard, actually), but toys that aren't hers are always attractive! And in a real pinch, you can promise Ice cream after the cut and run over to Mitchell's!

They have the necessary equipment on hand to keep kids distracted while they give them a good haircut! My eldest has always been difficult at haircut time and they managed very well and were patient with him.

At $15 per child, the price is fair given their professionalism.

They do adult haircuts as well. Unisex.

I'll be back for sure!

We had our 15 months old's hair cut by Jessie Kim - she did a fantastic job. He was really not in the mood for the occasion, so she quickly improvised by having him sit in my lap, and then quickly got to work. He was by no means still, but she was able to achieve a great cut. She asked us along the way if we wanted more off the sides, top, etc. We were happy with the experience and very happy with the cut. We will go back:)

I can't speak highly enough about our experience at Kids Cuts.

Our 22-month-old toddler had barely survived two parental bangs-butcherings. So when it was time to get a full trim, we decided to seek a professional. We walked into Kids Cuts on a Saturday morning, and she was seated immediately. We were out of there 15 minutes later with an adorably shorn little girl.

They really know how to create a great environment for little ones. The seats are little cars with steering wheels. The music is calming -- classic rock covers on pan-pipes in our case. Elmo videos are playing on a little TV next to the mirror. And the cutter is gentle and sweet and efficient.

Long story, short -- few tears, no terror. I think our little girl actually liked it. At $15, a real bargain.

Loved it! Elaina gave my (hysterically screaming) 4 year old son a fabulous cut. The place was super clean, super friendly, and super fast.

This is not some baby spa - the place is on par with Snippity Crickets. Though I'll say about a zillion times better. Better cut, nicer service and no sea of cheap toys to wade through on the way in. All they tried to sell me here was a haircut.

From now on, we're trekking to 29th Street. Huge bonus - Mitchell's Ice Cream just down the street. It was the secret weapon that kept my kid in the chair 'til the cut was finished!

These ladies know what they are doing. They really know how to work with little ones. My kids are older, but they still love to go and sit in the funny chairs and play video games. Street parking is usually easy, we go in the early afternoon. The decor is cheesy, but it is a kids salon, not a salon downtown! Even my husband got a cut there! Check them out. For the price, you can't beat them.

Update- 8/23/08 
We have had many great cuts here, but I must add what happened at our least visit. We learned a big lesson. Make sure your stylist REALLY understands what you want. Their English is not the best and because of the language barrier my daughter ended up a few inches shorter than she wanted, two days before school started. There were tears for 2 days. Our stylist seemed to act like she understood us, and was hesitant to cut it the way we said, but in hind sight, she did not understand what were were saying, just to layer the front, but not to take off any length. She took off a few inches, and it was too late. We will still go back, but will make sure they really understand...

I don't know how my 22 month old who freaks out about everything did not freak out about getting her first hair cut, but she didn't. The place is kid friendly. As soon as she came in, she saw a couple of play areas and could tell it was a place for little people. We were walk-ins, but only waited about five minutes, at the most. She loved getting up into the car chair and liked being able to see what was going on in the mirror. The lady who cut her hair was gentle and made kid friendly noises and faces at her. It took about seven minutes and cost $18. The haircut was okay, but there was no way I was going to love any change to my baby's adorable never-cut hair.

Went there twice already and my 3 year old son got decent haircuts both times. They use the clippers a lot but that's okay - it's faster. The atmosphere is fine and the ladies are all very nice and patient. They know about us parents so they ask "shorter?", "is this okay", along the entire way. It does cost $18 and I see people complain about that but I havent been able to find it for less anywhere in SF or Peninsula so that's just the going rate. His first haircut was at a place in San Mateo and it was all exactly the same - price, TVs, play area, patient ladies, lollipops, etc. It beats doing it yourself - I was cutting his hair for the first 3 years and I can see the difference when I look at older pictures. Because I get them to go pretty short and it grows out nicely, he only needs a haircut every 2 to 2.5 months. I bring a tablet with me just in case so he can watch a movie if he's especially nervous and the chairs with TVs are occupied.

Not bad, not bad at all.

I decided to check out Kids Cuts as I didn't want to trek across town on a HOT SF day to Snippety Crickets.

We got lucky with parking and found a spot down the block.

There were only two kids ahead of us, but with the plethora of toys and books, we didn't mind too much.

My 2yo was hesitant at first, but then enjoyed sitting in a car covered in princess stickers while getting her hair cut. I think she enjoyed the lollipop they offered her after the cut even more.

Quick, painless, cheap and kid-friendly. We'll be back for sure.

Nice experience there. The hairdresser was efficient and cut my 14 month old daughter's hair well (Claire's first haircut). I was expecting to pay $16 from a previous review, but I was charged $18, so I guess the price went up. I would definitely go back. The toy car chairs were a nice feature and thomas the train videos enthralled my daughter.

My two kiddos needed haircuts. I thought I'd give Kids Cuts a try. The women who cut their hair were very sweet and patient, especially with the two year old wiggly boy, who got a nice cut that didn't make him look like Corporate Toddler. The four year old girl watched a Sesame Street video whilst getting her '20s style bob and bangs trimmed. She even got little ponytails as a finishing touch, after the stylist asked if she wanted them. There are video games for the older kids, beat up toys in a couple of areas that were fine for play, and a generally laid-back vibe.

Parking is easy. Walk-in appointments only on Saturdays, but we were able to get started as soon as we strolled in one Saturday morning.

$15 each, $1 extra if you use a credit card, a tiny lollipop at the end of the haircut, and you have happy kids and a happy mama. Considering that I used to pay $20 each for comparable cuts, I'm not complaining.

I like this place fine and it's very close to my house so super convenient. The ladies who work there are nice and they show videos to the kids to keep them entertained during their haircuts. I don't think they are super stylists, but if you just want a basic trim, then this place is just fine. They also do what you say you want them to do. If you want your kids' hair styled in some new, interesting way, then maybe take them somewhere else. My kids are both pretty easy going so I haven't had to deal with tantrums and such there - can't comment how they work with fidgety kids who are scared of being there.

You have a kid, and the thought of cutting yourself terrifies you? Just bring them here. They have all the tools and skills to (hopefully) make 
cutting their hair as least a horrible experience as possible.

They have elevated cars and airplanes for kids to ride in while they are getting their cut... And for older kids, the have Nintendo's to keep them entertained while the clippers are clipping. Toys everywhere to keep kids attended to while waiting, as if having Mitchells IceCream across the street couldn't be used to keep kids at bay.

Additionally, most all the gals who cut hair here, are experienced and patient working with kids... Kids will scream, cry, and squirm --it's just the way it is... And they deal with that, great!

If you need to drive to this location, and are put off by the parking (whcih really isn't *that* bad) They have just opened a 2nd location next to Petit Balleen in San Bruno which as a really nice play area with a jump house, video games, and other goodies...

I took my almost 2 year old girl here for a trim and had a very good experience. We arrived at just the right time before a rush of families so no waiting required. All I was hoping for was to get my daughter's hair out of her face without a tantrum - success! She hopped right into the car chair with her baby doll and settled in to watch the Elmo video. She barely noticed the scissors. Nicole was her stylist and she was patient, kind, and quick. We were done in about five minutes. We weren't going for any particular style-just a trim- so I can't really say too much about the stylist's skills, but the cut was straight and my daughter looks adorable! We both left happy and will be back.

It isn't fancy, but at 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday, I say, get my 2-yr old in and out - fast. They have everything to distract the children, but the staff aren't the friendliest. Given their clientele, though, they don' t really need to be great conversationalists!

For the bargain and what it's there for, 4 stars.

Went to Kids Cuts out of curiosity about this place. We usually see Raisa over at Snippety Crickets. The negative is that this place is a little far for us from South Beach/Rincon Hill but we were lucky today to find parking right in front. No waiting on a Friday afternoon. I can't recall the name of the woman who cut Noah's hair but she was nice enough. He sat in a cute little chair designed for babies that looked like a VW Bug. As soon as he was aware of the fact that they were going to cut his hair he started turning his head left and right to avoid the clippers. The woman whipped out a pair of scissors which scared me at first but my son seemed to not find them as much as he did the clippers. She was quick and we had no knicks (thank the Lord). They have a lot of toys and dvd player in the corner which my son had no interest in watching (Thomas).

Overall for $15 Cash I would say that this place is worth the money. The only reason I gave it a 4 out of 5 was because it's a bit far from our place and well the cut was good but it just wasn't Raisa.

We stopped in here without an appointment on a Saturday midday. They were patient with our 3 year old son (who HATES haircuts) and were gentle and handled him perfectly. Our haircutter was Dina and my son sat in my husband's lap during the haircut. She gave our son a professionally styled cut and it came out looking great, even, and we all left without any tears - it was a victory for all. They gave my son a free lollipop at the end and let him play with the toys after he was done with the haircut. This cut was MUCH better than another kiddo cutting place on Sacramento St (not naming names or anything) that we had been to previously and not only was the haircut better but the ambiance was 10x better as well.

Been back twice now . . . we've had different ladies cut my daughter's hair each time, but had great results everytime. My husband even got his hair cut there at the same time as my daughter, and he loved his haircut, too.

My son was in desperate need of a haircut for his second birthday. I was tired of going to the Kids Cuts in San Bruno (the last time my son's hair was cut crooked), so I wanted to try Kids Cuts in San Francisco.

From the moment we arrived my son loved it. There were balloons at the entrance, video games and a Thomas the Train movie on various mini TV's, and a play corner filled with wooden puzzles, toy cars, figures and plenty of books. My son loved playing in the corner. (He even made a new friend).

Then it was time for the haircut. My son hates getting his hair cut. He'll cry and start to move his hands around trying to swat the scissors or clippers away. But the hairdresser at Kids Cuts (Veronica) was patient with my son.

We left with a great hair cut and a free mini-ruler (he liked the pictures on it). They offered lollipops, but my son is too young to eat them. The haircut was well worth $15 cash (it's $16 if you pay credit card) and the place is across the street from Mitchell's (the best ice cream parlor in the Bay Area!)

I think we have found our new kids hair salon.

Recently brought my 18 month old son here to get his first haircut. He was hysterical, but the ladies were completely empathetic and tried every trick at their disposal to get him to somewhat cooperate. He sat on my lap and moved so much that I was afraid his hair would look awful...but it was so nice!! I am amazed that someone can cut hair, and do it well, on a hysterically crying/moving toddler.

His hairdresser asked me if I wanted to save a bit of his hair, since it was his first cut, and I did. She placed it in a little envelope and wrote in the date and her name. A nice touch!

We will definitely be back.

Our baby was born with a full head of hair, and it's only gotten longer and fuller since then. By her first birthday, it was seriously hanging in her eyes (maybe that's why she's afraid to stand or walk yet?), and my partner kept saying we should get it cut. Finally, I admitted maybe it would be a good idea if she could see.

Many of our neighbors-with-kids recommended Kids Cuts, so we dropped by today. At first, they asked if we could wait half an hour because there were two people ahead of us (although nobody was waiting in the store, so I'm not sure where they were). When I said, "Um. I ... guess so," the woman at the counter changed her mind and said they could cut my daughter's hair right away.

And they did. It was super-fast. The baby sat in my lap while the hairdresser worked her magic on my girl's shaggy mane. Now she has cute bangs that don't block her vision, and we were in and out in less than 10 minutes. We'll definitely be back.

I recently took my 14 month old son here for his first haircut. I was a little apprehensive because I knew from previous attempts at home, that he was not going to enjoy the experience, but they did an amazing job. Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the woman who cut his hair but she was quick and thorough and didnt even flinch when my son was screaming and moving from side to side during the majority of the cut. She did use clippers but she asked me before she did. The whole thing was over in just a couple minutes and we were out of there in no time. I will definitely be coming back for his next cut, even with the 40 minute bus ride just to get there.

We gave our son his first haircut ourselves. One hour and one bad FOBby bowl cut later, we decided we'd let the professionals take care of it.

We showed up at 9:15am and were already in a line 3 deep (but scored the sweet metered parking spot right out front). But a scant ten minutes later we found out why - these ladies are fast and great!

The place has lots of attention-diverting equipment for the kiddos - toys, TVs, Nintendo, racecar chairs, etc.

My only complaint was the post-haircut routine didn't include a good brushdown of his face to get rid of all the hair; we had to brush off his face outside ourselves.

We made an appointment an hour in advance, and didn't have to wait.

My 3 year old daughter was terrified of getting her hair cut, having never had one. They put her in a toy car chair in front of a TV playing a "Thomas" cartoon, and there were many toys around. She was distracted. The hair dresser was very nice, good, and fast. She even put her hair into braids on the sides, which was very pretty. When she was don, my daughter asked to stay longer!

Having Mitchell's Ice Cream as a treat after (around the corner) is an extra benefit. Yum!

We'll definitely come back next time.

CASH ONLY! Be aware- but they have an atm there if you forget.

This place is awesome. They have fun car seats for kids, plenty of toys and books to keep kids entertained and little personal tvs with sesame street playing.

Aside from it being very kid friendly, the woman who cut my 2 year old's hair was very careful to get it just right. I appreciated the time she took with the cutting, and with actually talking to me about what I wanted.

I went to Snippity last time, but I think Kids Cuts blows them out of the water. We are officially done with Snippity Crickets after seeing how much more friendly and conscientious they are here.

I've taken my toddler here three times now and I love this place. I never made an appointment and still have not had to wait a single time. AND they are so fast and efficient, my son's haircut takes no longer than 10 min. In the mean time he's enjoying watching Dora and driving the car chair. It's $18 for a haircut and they accept cash only. Wonderful place for kids!

I took my 14 month old son in to tame is out of control hair and we had a good experience overall. The staff were friendly, quick and patient when he was moving and crying. She really did a great job considering he was moving around a lot. They also really cared if I was satisfied with the haircut and did touch ups afterward. I'm pretty picky, and they were patient with me too.

The one thing that wasn't so great was using clippers to trim around the ears. It freaked him out and the rest of the cut was done on my lap. That's not enough for me to take away a star since they were great about his freak out, but maybe a child that young shouldn't get the clipper treatment.

The staff really put a lot of effort into keeping the children calm and entertaining them with videos, toys and even cookies. The place is clean and comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone with a young child.

Just came back from first official haircut on my 2 year old boy.... I was more nervous than he was! Wanted his hair just right, not too short.... And they did a fabulous job! My sons hair looks great.

During the haircut she discussed what she was doing with me, loved it! My son was a little nervous but the whole atmosphere of the shop helped to calm him down. He saw Thomas the train, Mickey Mouse and a lot of other interesting stuff. Next time he wants to sit in the car-chair (this time still on mommy's lap) he's quite sure!

Had a great visit on a Sat morning.. Waiting maybe 15 minutes. Frances did a great job on my daughter's first Bangs . She was very patient... But as stated before speaking Spanish is a benefit .

They were able to see my son right away on a Thursday afternoon. This was his first hair cut and I was prepared for the worst, but it went great. The lady who cut his hair was nice-- gave me lots of motherly advice (that's always a plus, right? idk). We spoke Spanish the whole time-- I wonder if what others have described as "rudeness" might actually be the result of a language barrier? Anyway. The seat was a car, which my son loved. He was sitting right in font of a tiny TV and he was given a choice of different toys. She cut with just scissors at first, then used the electric clippers when she saw he was up to it. His hair looks 100 times better than before and it was a painless experience. We will be coming back.

After a dissapointing experience across town, we found Kids Cuts, which is cheaper ($16, cash only) and so much nicer--both in terms of being bright inside and having two nice play areas. I love that they have little cars for the kids to sit in while they get their hair cut, they're fast and skilled, and they welcome walk-ins.

The first time we went, the stylist came at my son with electric clippers without warning and he freaked (his hair came out great, however), but today was scissors only and he (mostly) kept it together. Parking has been easy across the street both times that we've been.

Our son just turned 2 and his hair had never ever been cut. People were always remarking about what a cute "daughter" I have, regardless of the boy clothes and restless boy energy. My husband wanted to keep our son's hair long, but because it had never been cut, it was very wispy and thin. Cute, but it was time to grow up and get a big boy haircut. No more wispy Klute shag.

So I looked for kid's salons here on Yelp and Kid's Cuts was highly-rated compared to that other place in Laurel Village. I'm so glad we went to Kid's Cuts instead. We did not make an appointment, so we had to wait a little while.

Our stylist, Eva did a phenomenal job. The haircut was perfect and she was also patient, sweet and seemed like she really likes kids. Our son loved sitting in the car chair and watching Thomas the Train. He held very still and didn't cry at all. We will definitely be returning!

** It's CASH ONLY **

We went there for a first haircut for our 15 month old. The lady cutting his hair was very nice and super fast. He did not sit still even for a second and she did a really good job with his hair. 
We didn't have an appointment - I have called an hour ahead and they said just to come in. We waited for only a couple of minutes for someone to take care of us. They have a bunch of toys (most of them pretty old, some fixed with a duct tape). They have seats shaped as cars and a little TV in front of every stations so kids can watch Thomas The Train while getting a haircut.

This place is great for young kids. I brought my 18 month old son (who does not like to sit still for longer than a minute) and the ladies here were awesome. The lady who cut his hair (sorry, I don't recall her name) was very patient, quick and she did an excellent job.

The car chairs and TV with the kids favorite cartoon are brilliant for entertaining active little ones long enough for a hair cut.

Had my daughter's first haircut there today. She's 21 months. Veronica was a great stylist and was patient with my daughter's reluctance to get a hair cut. She was gentle and flexible in her approach. I showed her some pictures and she explained that she couldn't cut my daughter's hair like the pictures and why, and we came up with another style that I was satisfied with. The cut is great and we talked about it as she did it. I will come back here.

Bonus: There are lots of toys there for kids to play with.

Listen, this place is super bizarre. Is it a shoe store? A clothing store (a bad one)? A hair salon? What is it?

Don't worry about that. Just plop your squirmy toddler into that car chair, let them turn on a Thomas the Train DVD, and 5 minutes later, your scruffy long haired kid could come out looking like s/he's actually cared for.

I am particular about my son's hair because he has the most beautiful hair on this here Earth. Didn't want his 19-month blond ringlets to go, but also not trying to make a gender identity statement with him. He hit a nice cut, kept some length, pretty even considering he didn't stop moving, and it was only $18. Done.

I had such a good experience here today. I brought my 14 month old son & even though he was a bit squirmy , the lady who cut his hair was so nice & patient with him. That was my main concern when bringing him for his first haircut . They had lolipops & mickey mouse clubhouse playing for him which was enough to distract him..most of the time . The cute little car chairs & play area were a plus too. I'll definitely be bringing my son here for his future haircuts

My son got his first hair cut here today. I had been here a few times before when I worked as a nanny. I was again pleased. The stylist who cut his hair today was quick and able to manage with him squirming and crying through half the cut. It was 18$ the price has been the same for years. The decor and building inside are a little run down, but was clean. The staff were friendly and kind. We will be back. Overall I was pleased. He looks great.

This cut wasn't going to be just any kind of ordinary cut. I was looking for a special place and the most talented hair stylist to give my precious baby boy his very first haircut! Romy is absolutely AMAZING! 5 visits later and each outcome has been nothing less than perfection! I'm set to move to the SouthBay soon and will definitely continue to make the trek to SF to have Romy do her magic with my little boy's hair. Seriously, the happiest mama ever to have found Romy!

Great place to get a good, quick haircut for little ones. They have lots of toys to distract the kids if they are nervous and the car shaped chairs are fun too! Cash only.

I took my almost one-year old here for her first haircut, and it was awesome. They have a little waiting area with toys which keeps the kids entertained while we wait. Though the wait was barely a few minutes. I almost wish it was more! Then the child is placed on a racing car seat, and watches cartoons on TV (which are placed right in front of the mirror) while her hair is snipped away. A great experience.

Cute little gem. Our 18 month was finicky like most toddlers so that was expected. The lady we had was calm and fast. Cash only - $18.

Every neighborhood needs a kids cuts. They can handle the uncomfortable toddlers and big kids too. So helpful to have a place that caters to young children.

This was the perfect place for my 2 year old and this anxious mom. The stylist was patient, gentle and gave him a great haircut. Best of all, she was fast since he cried the whole time. She gave him the exact cut I asked for despite his squirming and shrieking. And she repeatedly checked in with me to ensure I liked the cut, and asked me if I wanted her to use the clippers or scissors. If you're looking for a family oriented, casual and friendly place for your kid's haircut, I highly recommend Kid's Cuts.

Awesome place for a kid haircut. Cash only but tons of toys to videos to keep the kiddos busy.

Took my 15-month-old son here for his first haircut and had a quick, great experience. I was expecting a total meltdown and a choppy cut (the kid has wild curly hair), but he had a good time and looks even cuter than before. 
Marie was quick and patient. My son was immediately at ease in her hands. I don't know how she managed to keep cutting when the little guy turned his head to look at toys or watch the screen, but she did. He hardly seemed to notice anything was happening. 
They know their stuff here. 
And no, it is not the fancy salon experience I look for when I'm getting a haircut. But I can't imagine a better atmosphere for a toddler. 
We went mid-afternoon on a weekday and basically had the place to ourselves, which I think also helped make it such a positive experience.

Good Spot to get haircut for young kids. They are quick and used to kids crying and they haircut is pretty good too. Will definitely keep coming back for haircuts here.

My husband and I just took our sons here. They do good jobs but I have to say that the previous places my older son got his haircuts had staffs were more friendly.

But the place is set for kids to enjoy time being there.

It's hard to look for a place like this in the city for kids haircuts.

quality haircut considering my 2 year old was squirmy and cried because he was afraid of the machines. All the ladies were nice and the one who cut my sons hair made sure the cut was how i wanted. Perfect tv show on which was a plus and a huge selection of toys! i will go here again. I didn't have to wait thank god but even if we did there were so many toys for him to play with. my only gripe is 18$ is kinda pricey for a toddler hair cut hence the 4 stars and not 5. i would go here again though.

All I can say is, "WOW"! Took my 19 mo here for his second haircut. The first one went great, this one should be a breeze, right? 
Wrong! He had a total meltdown. Veronica was amazing. She handled it so well. She was super patient with him but also lightning fast. To top it all off, his haircut looks fantastic! Short wait time for a walk-in and very affordable. We will definitely be coming back.

Brought our 2.5 year old son in for his first real hair cut since he would not let us near his hair.. and they did amazing! This kids salon has so many great fun distractions/toys our son didn't even realize his hair was being cut. Not to mention the stylist he got was a gem. She was gentle, quick and did a fantastic job! Wonderful management too! We'll definitely be back!

This place is really cute. My daughters first haircut went flawlessly at 2.5 years old. They have cars and planes for chairs, cartoons on tv, and so many toys and kids memorabilia everywhere. They even have one of those old school quarter machines outside with toys inside. My daughter was relaxed and the lady cutting her hair was very nice and did a great job. She even braided it after and put some glitter gel in. Would recommend this place to anyone!

Kids cuts is literally the most child friendly hair salon in the city! It's full of toys for the kids to play with and the seats are cars, airplanes and other cool transportation vehicles! Jon was kind and friendly and the gal that cut the kids hair was so sweet and did a great job! The pricing is reasonable and it was an overall great experience!

I got my hair bleached there and Ophelia did a wonderful job!

Great place for kids hair cut. They do a wonderful job at affordable price.

Best haircut we’ve gotten for our little guy who gets super nervous whenever it’s time for a trim- professional & speedy! Bonus that Mitchell’s is just across the street for a treat afterward!

Great place to get your little ones hair cut. Our 17 month old is not one for sitting still for anyone. The stylist was extremely patient and did a great job of making our little man handsome!

Took my 2 year old there today for a haircut. He has always been super calm and never fussed about his haircuts, until the last time we took him to Happy Scissors in San Bruno last week, at which point the hair stylist was amazingly bothered and gave us the dirtiest of looks because we had to leave without giving him a haircut. Needless to say, we had to look for a different hair salon for the kiddo, and ended up walking in to Kids cuts. I was hoping we would not have another freak out episode, but we sure did. The hair stylist (forgot her name with the chaos) was absolutely patient, and did a fantastic job even though my boy was acting having a major episode.

great kids place 
Located on 85 29th Street, San Francisco, this is is an ideal place especially segmented for kids. Kids cuts is the place that specializes in grooming kids and is a great place for hair cuts for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. A little on the expensive side but they do an amazingly professional job keeping in the mind the sensitive nature of giving kids a hair cut. I highly recommend this place if you are one of those who understand the importance of kids hair cut.

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